Catherine J. Pier B.Sc. FRSA

is a well known artist. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, an Honorary member of Faringdon Artists, a member of Marlborough Artists, Highworth Artists, the Guild of Wiltshire Artists and has been Chairperson of Purton Artists for many years. She has been painting professionally for 28 years during which time she has supplied galleries and held very successful one-man exhibitions

Catherine is self-taught and paints in pastel, acrylic, watercolour and oil, although pastel on sandpaper is her preferred medium (information on pastels). The Cotswolds and the Wiltshire countryside with their rolling hills, gentle valleys, stone villages and dreamy rivers, inspire her. She has a natural talent for conveying her love of nature in wonderful pastel paintings, which leaves the viewer with those feelings they wish they could hold forever when in an idyllic setting.

The superior quality of her paintings makes them highly collectable and sought after, both as original paintings and Limited Edition Prints. She also undertakes commission work specializing in gardens, country houses and pet portraits.

She is currently working on several large paintings for the Oman Royal Estates, two of which are believed to be for the private residency of the Sultan of Oman

Catherines son David has followed her footsteps with his love of art and nature. He works large scale in acrylic on canvas. Spectacular skies are a distinctive feature of his work. The work of Dr.David Pier can be seen at


Catherine's' work is carried out in her studio using reference material she has collected on her walks. These include sketches and photos taken with a digital camera.

She always produces a sketch in pencil or charcoal, before embarking on a work. This sets the tone before the image is painted

Catherine loves the spontaneity that pastels give; no waiting for paint to dry, She uses grey Hermes sandpaper and extremely soft pastels, this combination eliminates 'over-blending' (with rag or finger) and results in her paintings having a lively, refractive, textural quality rarely seen.